The Dumping Ground

- Winemaking Spreadsheets

Spreadsheet to monitor fermentation by refractometer
Simply type in the initial values for your juice, and then successive readings with a refractometer will allow you to monitor the progress of the ferment. Just fill in the columns with a red heading. You can use the graphing function of your spreadsheet software to plot appropriate graphs. Available in OpenOffice format, or Microsoft Office format.

Spreadsheet to help with blending trials
Allows you to blend wine treatments to do sensory analysis. For example if you have a Riesling to which you wish to add sugar, and deacidify, you can make up a sample at 10g/L sugar, and one deacidified by 5g/L. This spreadsheet will then calculate the proportions of these wines (together with the untreated wine) required to make a blend of the desired properties. Available in OpenOffice format, or Microsoft Office format.

- Teaching Aids

Spreadsheet to practice basic maths in grids (+ - x /)
Generates grids with numbers along the top and down the side. The grids can be printed and then filled in on paper, or shown on a projector screen for the students to use their own paper for answers. Specific details follow:
- Only available in OpenOffice format - to use it, you'll need OpenOffice, which is a free download from
- Separate sheets are used for the different operators, change sheets (at the bottom of the screen) to use the different grids.
- To reveal the solutions, use the backspace key to delete the contents of the cell in the top left of the grid (by default it has a dash "-" in it).
- New grids are generated each time the sheet is opened, but to cause a new sheet to be generated, simply retype one of the range values, in the appropriate cell, and press enter.